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H2o Racing Sign Agreement with Sparco

Friday, 14 September: H2O Racing is pleased to announce that it has signed an exciting multi-year commercial agreement with Sparco S.p.A, the internationally renowned Italian motorsports safety equipment and car accessories manufactures - a worldwide brand that today is synonymous with top performance, reliability and safety in motor racing.

The three-year partnership between H2O Racing and Sparco S.p.A sees the Volpiano (Turin) based company extend its involvement in the highly competitive world of international powerboat racing as Technical Supplier to three major Championships promoted, organised and managed by H2O Racing, the UIM Class 1 and F1H2O World Powerboat Championships and UIM Nations Cup. "We are extremely excited to have entered into partnership with a company that is held in such high regard by so many high profile names and brands in international motorsport all around the world," said Nicolò di San Germano, president of H2O Racing. "We believe that there is tremendous scope for Sparco to bring its expertise, flair, style and innovation to our sport across a diversity of its product sectors.

"Across all our Championships safety is given utmost priority. In this sector Sparco is acknowledged as the world leader and we look forward to working closely with them to continue to further develop and improve safety in powerboat racing."

One of the first projects that H2O Racing and Sparco will embark on is the development and production of specially designed racing seats to be introduced into all its Nations Cup single-seater circuit boats. "Sparco is delighted to sign this partnership and is pleased to share its expertise on innovation and technology, achieved in automotive racing at the highest levels (from  Formula 1, WRC, Nascar to  other main international motorsport races), in powerboat racing." said Claudio Pastoris, C.E.O of Sparco."We are ready for a new challenge!"

The first public outing of the collaboration between H2O Racing and Sparco will be at the Italian Grand Prix in Cernobbio, 21-23 September, round 3 of the UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship.

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