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H2O Nations Cup

International Ordinary Races sanctioned by the National Authorities of the Countries where the race will be organised. The overall winning Nation will be determined by the sum of the 3 best results out of the 4 scored within 2 races by the 2 boat teams representing the Country.



We got the idea when watching a round of A1 car racing event. The format is applicable to powerboating where we can gather the best drivers from all over the world through their NA and have them competing with identical boats and engines.



- All National Authorities that decide to organise one or more events in their own Countries.

- All National Authorities who register a Team to our events. Idea Marketing shall deal exclusively with the NA, no individual registration will be accepted, all drivers must be entered by their NA. Each team shall consist of :

  • - 2 drivers + 1 optional reserve driver

  • - 1 Team Manager

  • - 1 or 2 Radiomen

  • - 2 helpers per boat

  • Two/Three days

  • one/two practice sessions

  • One official qualifying session to determine start order of Match Race / Race 1

  • Match Race; knockout competition for team points, two boats racing off on an alternate course, best of three runs, winners progress to final

  • Two x 20 minute sprint races

  • Circuit length; circa 1600m


  • Points - 1st 25pts ; 2nd 22pts ; 3rd 20pts ; 4th 18pts ; 5th 16pts ; 6th 15pts ; 7th 14pts ; 8th 13pts ; 9th 12pts ; 10th 11pts ; 11th 10pts ; 12th 9pts ; 13th 8pts ; 14th 7pts ; 15th 6pts : 16th 5pts ; 17th 4pts ; 18th 3pts ; 19th 2pts ; 20th 1pt


(ALL points achieved by drivers from the Match Race and Sprint Races count towards overall Nations Cup Team result - Match Races and Sprint Races are individual driver competitions - points from Sprint Races are combined to determine winner - points achieved in sprint race 2 determines overall result in the event of a tie)


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