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China Bund Eips High Performance Electric Engine Making Waves In World Powerboat Racing

Tuesday, 7 March (MONACO): BUND Holding Group is pleased to announce a landmark development in world powerboat racing with the launch of the CHINA BUND Electric Integrated Propulsion System [EIPS] high performance marine racing engine.

Mr Xin Chongjie, president of the highly successful Chinese conglomerate BUND Holding Group and Mr Dario C., managing director of the renowned Italian specialised engineering company TMM, revealed details of this significant engineering achievement at a press conference in Monaco on Saturday, hosted by Dr. Raffaele Chiulli, president of the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), the world governing body for powerboating, ahead of its eighth Awards Gala Dinner.

The project to develop and produce the CHINA BUND EIPS, which will be the engine of choice for the 2018 UIM-H2O Nations Cup World Series, has taken two years of research and development at TMM engineering facility in Reggio Emilia in northeast Italy and is fully endorsed by the president of the UIM and has received the full support of the president of H2O Racing, Nicolo di San Germano, the promoter of the UIM F1H2O and Aquabike World Championships and Nations Cup World Series.

TMM is a world leader in its field and has already designed and produced a single seater electric racing car, the TM SG 1. “The SG1, which complies with the FIA F3 technical regulations, was a lab testing bed for our technical team to understand the criticality of key components of a high performance electric vehicle such as batteries, electronic, bms, inverter and motor,” said Dario Calzavara. “Following this experience, two years ago the company started to design an upgraded compact electric power unit, initially named the “Terra Modena Electric Integrated Propulsion System [EIPS]” for the Chinese group BUND Holding. While most of the competitors’ electric energy systems power units are conceived for low power and low autonomy, the CHINA BUND EIPS was designed to grant high performances and high autonomy for both racing and everyday use.”

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