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After 30 successful years of F1H2O and the organization of more than 230 Gran Prix with the participation of Pilots from all over the world competing at more than 250 km/h , with the one only goal of proving who is the fastest in the world, it is now time for a new challenge, no longer aimed to single pilots, but National Teams!

Nations Cup is the new racing format of U.I.M aimed at national teams made up of 2 to 4 Pilots per Nation, competing with identical boats, engines and propeller. The winner will no longer be the strongest Pilot but the Nation with the best Pilots in the world. A new fascinating challenge aimed at 10 Nations.

We will select spectacular circuits in fascinating turistic destinations and important financial centres in order to give the chance to the best 20 Pilots divided in 10 teams to be evenly matched and win its own National flag.

Yours in sportmanship

Nicolo di San Germano


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